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White feathers are a symbol of babies gone too soon. The feathers of angels that fall from heaven to remind us that there was a soul within a mother’s body that passed on before their time. The idea for the White Feathers Project was birthed within me when I lost two babies of my own. I never imagined baby loss would affect me, after all I had three uncomplicated pregnancies and delivered three healthy babies. When I lost my first baby, it was devasting, born at 6 weeks I could clearly see his little body in the beginning stages of development.

My second baby loss was brutal, I ended up in the hospital and it was one of the most traumatic moments of my life. Through it all, my faith in God and my wonderful husband, whose support has been invaluable, kept me going. In the midst of this, I also experienced a lot of apathy, friends and family who stayed silent in my grief, some whose words tried to diminished the pain. After time 

past, I realized that I needed to do something to give mothers like myself a voice. A voice to tell the world that our babies mattered to us and a voice to raise awareness and support.


I wanted to use my love of photography as a tool to tell these stories, and thus this project was formed.

The White Feathers Project will launched October 1,st 2021. October is Pregnancy & Infant Loss awareness month. My hope is to feature one story a day throughout the month of October and create an online photo art gallery along with an instagram feature page. The stories of mothers whose lost her child and wants to share her journey, what she wishes others would know, and what she has learned through her journey. 

If you are a photographer who wishes to document your own journey of baby loss and/or photograph someone else’s journey please contact me to give you the project details and outlines. You can reach me via direct message on my insragram page @portraitsbyannie or use the form below to contact me. 

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