I'd like to thank you for giving me the opportunity to create your most treasured photo moments! My goal is to capture images that you will love and treasure forever. I have detailed a list of recommendations and frequently asked questions to ensure you get the most out of your session! 

Basic Info:

Your portrait session should be a reflection of your family.

Before our session we will have a consultation so we can discuss

your expectations, ideas, and goals for our session. Preparation and communication

are the keys to a successful portrait

session, so make sure to share all your ideas and concerns with me during our consultation!



Location + Time:

Finding the right location is an important part of planning for your session. I will

provide you with location ideas and recommendations if need be. The best time of

day for the most beautiful light for portrait sessions are early morning and just

before sunset. The last hour before the sun goes down is known to photographers

as the “golden hour” and I recommend all of my clients to make the necessary

arrangements to have our sessions in the afternoon.


What you wear really does make a big difference in the outcome of your

photographs. Clothing can either accentuate beauty or detract from it. My number

one advice is DO NOT match your outfits DO coordinate them! Incorporating

colors and patterns that fit well together. Accessorize your outfit with scarves,

necklaces, and texture (such as a knitted sweaters). Here are things to keep in mind

for your session:

1. Don’t match but do coordinate: Pick a similar color palette and colors

that go well together.

2. Avoid black & white and fluorescent or highly saturated colors. All of

these can distract from the images. It is best to stay with muted colors or

primary colors. Also avoid logos, large patterns, and clothing with


3. Don’t wear clothing that is too tight or too baggy, instead, choose

clothing that shows off your natural beauty! In saying this, also

remember to choose clothing that represents you and your style!

If you need help selecting outfits please let me know and I will more than gladly

help you pick the perfect outfit for your portraits.

4. I have a variety of gowns in different sizes for girls to choose from. If you are interested

in a gown rental let me know during our consultation. 


Young children are encouraged to have snacks, breaks, and play time to keep them

happy and relaxed. To interact with children and capture their playful spirit, it is

recommended that you step aside so your children can play and express themselves

without being prompted to smile or say cheese. Parents, relax! I am a mom and

know how stressful it can be to take photos of little ones. Don’t worry about the

time, no matter what collection you choose, when photographing children I may

take more time than the allotted collection time at no additional charge.


I prefer to use natural props, especially with children. Natural props may include, a

flower, leaf, or other item found in the environment where we will be shooting.

However, if you wish to include a prop please let me know ahead of time so we

can discuss the best way to incorporate it into our session. Props that I recommend

that look great and have a classic feel are, wooden ladders, one helium filled extra

large balloon, vintage radio flyer wagons (not plastic), wooden bowls (especially

for babies and small children), and wooden crates. I do have some props available

for sessions, if you wish to use them please let me know during our consultation.


1. What is your portrait style?

I like to create warm, emotive images. I like to capture emotions and incorporate light, and shadows in an artistic way.

2. Will I get all of the photos from my session?

No. I do not give or sell any unedited photos.

3. Can I choose the photos?

I like to create artistic photographs that you will treasure forever. My goal is for you to have high quality images that you can print and hang up on your wall that will last generations. Rest assured I will pick the very best images from our session and carefully hand edit each and every one of them for you.

4. What if I want more photos?

I have 3 different portrait packages to choose from, I encourage every client to choose the number of photos they would like in advance. However, if after receiving the allotted images you wish to purchase more you may do so from the a la carte section in the pricing menu you will receive.

5. Why do you offer only a few photos, I know photographers that give out all

the photos on a CD?

I hand edit every image you receive. This takes an enormous amount of time. Every image you will receive will be carefully crafted, hand edited, with the highest possible resolution. Photography is my art and I only want the very best, artistic images to be seen and enjoyed.

6. What resolution will my images be?

With your purchase you will be receive two different resolutions of the same image; one of them will be a high resolution image that you can use to make prints and the other one will be a .jpeg file to use on the web (facebook, instagram, email, etc). I ask that you do not use the high-resolution image on the web. Contrary to what most think, the web file I will give you will look exponentially better than the highresolution image in the web. This is due to the fact that sites like Facebook compresses your photos.

7. I printed my photos at a pharmacy store and they look terrible! What


Unfortunately, cheap consumer labs will render a cheap product. I highly recommend all of my clients to purchase prints of their final product through me. The lab that I use is a professional photo lab and I work with them to create fine art archival prints meant to last a lifetime. 

8. Who owns the copyright to my photos and how can/will they be used?

Portraits by Annie owns the FULL COPYRIGHT to all photographs taken. I will use them to promote my business either in print, web site, Facebook fan page, Instagram, promotional materials, and possibly in public shows or

published works. My image contract states that if the images I create for you are ever to be published (magazine/newspaper article or any online forum such as Facebook/Twitter/Tumblr/Blog/Personal Website), Portraits by Annie must be credited. Typically, "Photo By: Portraits by Annie is the standard image credit for any and all published or online posts. A live link to my website is always greatly appreciated. This Copyright/Attribution policy is non-negotiable. A contract and model release is required to be

signed prior to your session. Having said that, you may print, share, post and blog your final images for your own personal use.