Miami Softball Senior Portraits

Updated: May 3, 2021

I don't normally do senior portraits but when my friend's daughter wanted some fun, fine art styled edit senior portraits with a softball twist I couldn't say no! I think it's been a hard year for everyone with the pandemic. For seniors, they have missed out on most of the experiences that come with graduating. Miss Isa wasn't able to play her last few games of the season along with her teammates due to covid regulations at their school.

Not to mention graduation won't look the same this year either! So she wanted to have something fun to look forward to! What better way than to get dressed up in uniform and take some photos to remember.

We had trouble at first! It's hard to find a baseball/softball field that is open in the afternoons! But with luck, we were able to find a park that was open and got to work! Through our session, I was able to learn a few things about softball, like how they pitch underhand and the differences between their bats and balls to baseball.

After my lesson in softball, we decided to start with some classic portraits and move on to some fun shots. Through it all, Isa was such a good sport about it!

So without further ado here are Miss Isa's softball portraits. We had a blast and I hope you enjoy these images

If I had to pick my favorite image this one would definitely be it! Her pose is stunning, doesn't she look like she belongs on a softball magazine!?

I hope you enjoyed these images! If you live in SOFLO and want a styled customized photoshoot for the Senior in your life don't feel free to contact me! I have a few spots available in the month of May.

Before you go, I'd like to go on over to this amazing blog featuring gorgeous maternity photos by the very talented Ali Bohnenkamp Cleveland Family and Maternity Photographer


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